Maria Valle



digital artist | lighting TD | compositor


Hi, my name is Maria Valle and I’m Lead Lighting and Compositing.

I have a passion for creating visual stories within the VFX and Feature Animation industry. With expertise in lighting, rendering, compositing, and strong general knowledge of texturing/shading I make a strong addition to any team looking to expand their lighting department.

I feel very fortunate to work in a field that I love. This industry has embraced my creative sensibilities and provided me with a space that fosters my artistic growth.

Outside of film/animation, I enjoy cinematography and can usually be seen shooting around town.

I am always looking for new and exciting ways to expand my current skills and acquire new ones.

I’m on the lookout for my next adventure, I hope to see you on my journey.

– Maria Valle​

Maria Valle is a hard-working and experienced artist to offer a great creative job. Working with her in Fairy Tale Forest "Flower of the Dawn" has been a true plesure. She created one of the most beautiful lighting scenes in our movie.

Maria always shows a positive and solving-problem-oriented attitude, which is key to the challenge of producing CG animation.
Juanma Sánchez
Animation Producer & Director
Maria is not only a strong artist who produces amazing lighting, but she is also very organized and her files are always clean.
She is very proactive and communicates beautifully and is always helpful with the team, and always with a delightful attitude.

I would love to work with Maria again and give her my highest recommendations
Jeremy Vickery
Lighting and LookDev Director
Maria is really an awesome lead, she introduced every new lighters into the pipeline and workflow of the project.
She is very organized, her scenes are always clean.

She was always there when I needed help, and at the same time I had a lot of freedom, which is really important for an artist.
Always smiling and friendly.
Lisa Rasasombat
Senior Lighting and Compositing Artist

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